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Tenders :IS/VIE-508/111Rev.No : 0 Posted Date : 06/MAR/17Due Date : 27/MAR/17


Tender No.: IS/VIE-508/111 Date: 6th March, 2017




Supply of Catering Meal Uplifts at Vienna International Airport - Vienna



Air India Limited operating its airline in the name of Air India invites applications from well established Inflight Caterers to undertake its catering at Vienna International Airport -Vienna for its flight operations effective 1st April, 2017. Air India Limited will follow a two bid tender system whereby interested parties are required to separately submit;


a)          A Techno-Commercial Bid outlining the infrastructural facilities available, current customer base etc. and


b)  A Price Bid quoting rates for items on Air India’s menu, which shall be given with the Tender.


Please note that the best possible terms should be reflected in the Price Bid, as it is not intended to hold negotiations with all parties.


Techno-Commercial and Price bid must be submitted in separate sealed covers to the address mentioned in the Tender document on or before 27th March 2017 by 1500 Hrs LT. (VIE)


The opening of the Techno-Commercial Bid will be on 28th March, 2017 at 1100 hrs. LT. (VIE) and the interested bidders are invited to be present for the opening of the Techno-Commercial Bid/s.


Price bids will be opened only after technical evaluation of the bids and only those bids will be opened whose bids are technically qualified.


While Annexures 1 to 7 are available on the link provided hereunder, Annexures – 8, 9, 10 and 11 are available on pages 31, 32-37, 38 and 39 respectively of attached Word File “Catering Tender –Vienna 2017”.


Please click below to download the Tender Document.

Catering Tender-VIE-2017.docx
Draft Catering Agreement-VIE- 2017.docx
Annexure-4-Price Bid-VIE-2017.xlsx
Annexure-7-Stock Items-VIE-2017.xlsx
Address : Materials Management Department, Old Airport, Kalina Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400 029, India. Phone +91-22-26265555
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