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Tenders :GH/TECH/SIN/105Rev.No : 2 Posted Date : 26/JUL/13Due Date : 05/AUG/13

Technical Handling (AI / IX Flights) at Singapore International Airport, Singapore
To, Dear Handling Agent, Sub: Technical Handling (AI / IX Flights) at Singapore International Airport, Singapore, Air India Limited desires to award the contract for providing Technical Handling with certification services for Air India and Air India Express flights at Singapore International Airport, Singapore. As an authorised handling agent, we invite you to submit your offer for handling AI/IX flights at Singapore in the format provided. Please note that you should offer only those services for which you are the Authorised/Licensed Handling Agent by the Competent Authority. You are requested to submit your 'Sealed Offer' on or before 5th August, 2013, by 1000 hours in the office of; Country Manager, Air India Limited, Singapore 152, Beach Road, # 04-05, Gate Way East, Singapore 189721 Phone : 0065 62259411 / 62214909 Fax: 0065 62251559 E-mail id : Following Annexures are enclosed with this Tender Document. a) Annex I - AI schedule of operations at Singapore b) Annex II- AI’s Service requirements as per IATA AHM 810, 2008 Version. c) Annex III- Service Level Agreement d) Annex IV- Handling Company Profile e) Annex V- Commercial offer. f) Annex VI- Integrity Pact Your offer should be in “Two Separate Sealed Envelopes” as given below: ENVELOPE – 1: “Handling Company Profile – GH” Please provide information regarding your Handling Company in general and your capability to provide Technical Handling including certification services at Singapore Airport in particular. Your response must reply points mentioned in Annex IV of this Tender document. In this response please specify the services you intend to offer. “PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE RATES IN THIS ENVELOPE.” ENVELOPE –2: “COMMERCIAL OFFER – GH” AI’s requirement of services as per IATA AHM 810, 2008 version is specified in Annex II. Please submit your quotation in IATP Form 55 L-Pool format covering the service requirements and meeting all the terms and conditions of Annex V of this Tender Document It may please be noted that, both the sealed envelopes must be clearly superscribed as stated above and submitted before the due date. Responses received after the due date, time and incomplete response are liable to be disqualified. The bids will be opened on 5th August, 2013 at 1100 hrs in the office of the Country Manager-Singapore in the presence of those bidders who are interested to be present. Initially the Technical offer (Envelope 1) will be opened. Subsequently the Commercial offer (Envelope 2) will be opened if possible for those bidders who meet AI requirement technically under Annex IV. AI reserves the right to accept or reject any bids at its own discretion. If you have any clarifications, please contact: Mr Nirbhik Narang, Air India Limited, Address: Country Manager, Air India Limited, Singapore 152, Beach Road, # 04-05, Gate Way East, Singapore 189721 Phone : 0065 63257204/ 62205868 Fax: 0065 62251559 Mail id : We shall appreciate if you confirm your participation in this tender. Regards, Nirbhik Narang Country Manager Air India Limited, Singapore

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