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Tenders :GH/PAX-RAMP/HKG/076Rev.No : 0 Posted Date : 22/AUG/12Due Date : 14/SEP/12

Air India Limited, solely at its discretion desires to award Contract for providing Ground Handling for Air India flights at Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong (HKG). As an authorized handling agent, we invite you to submit your offer for handling Air India flights in the format provided at HKG, Hong Kong. Please note that you should offer only those services for which you are the Authorized/Licensed Handling Agent by the Competent Authority. You are requested to submit your 'Sealed Offer' on or before Friday, 14 September, 2012 by 1600 hours in the office of Regional Manager-Asia Pacific, Air India Limited, Hongkong, mailing address: Rm 4401, 44/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Response received after the due date, time and incomplete response are liable to be rejected. Following Annexure are enclosed with this Tender Document. a) Annex I - Air India's current schedule of operations at Hong Kong. b) Annex II- Resource requirement, Procedures and Service Standards expected. c) Annex III - Proposed Service Level Agreement (SLA) (For Pax & Ramp) d) Annex IV- Air India’s Service requirements as per IATA AHM 810, 2008 Version. e) Annex V- Handling Company profile. f) Annex VI- Commercial offer. g) Annex VII- Integrity Pact Your offer should be in “Two Separate Sealed Envelopes” as given below: ENVELOPE – 1: “Handling Company Profile – GH” Please provide information regarding your Handling Company in general and your capability to provide offered handling services at Hong Kong in particular. Your response must reply points mentioned in Annex IV of this Tender document. In this response please specify the services you intend to offer. “PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE RATES IN THIS ENVELOPE.” ENVELOPE – 2: “COMMERCIAL OFFER – GH” Air India’s requirement of services as per IATA AHM 810, 2008 version is specified in Annex IV. Please also refer Annex II for Air India’s resource requirements, the procedures to be followed and the Service Standards expected and to be met for flight handling. Please submit your quotation meeting the requirements of Annex II & IV and meeting all the terms and conditions in the format given in Annex V of this Tender document. It may please be noted that, both the sealed envelopes must be clearly super-scribed as stated above and submitted before the due date. Responses received after the due date, time and incomplete response are liable to be disqualified. AIR INDIA LIMIED reserves the right to accept or reject any bids and/or cancel the tender process at its own discretion. The offers received will be opened on Monday, 17 September 2012 at 1100 hours in the office of the Airport Manager Air India Hong Kong International Airport in the presence of those bidders who are interested to be present. Initially the technical offers (Envelop 1) will be opened. Subsequently the commercial offers (Envelop 2) will be opened if possible for those bidders who meet Air India requirements technically under Annex V. If you require any clarifications, please contact: Mr. Debashis Golder, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, Air India Limited, Address: Rm 4401, 44/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East. Wanchai. Hong Kong. TEL: 852- 2861 0079 / 2522 4772 E-MAIL: Regards, Mr. Debashis Golder Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, Air India Limited, Hong Kong.

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