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Tenders :EFD 09 07 M 17 18Rev.No : 0 Posted Date : 07/JUL/17Due Date : 26/JUL/17

Pl. reply to :   Dy. General Manager Engineering Facilities Division AIR INDIA Ltd. Old Airport, Santacruz (E) MUMBAI 400 029 Ph. 022 – 2626 3572, - 3415 Email     NAME:…………………………………………………..   ADDRESS…………………………………………………   ………………………………………………………………   ………………………………………………………………     TABLE OF CONTENTS     1.      SECTION I.…………….…… …….INVITATION TO TENDER.   2.      SECTION II………………………. QUALIFYING CRITERIA   3.      SECTION III ……………………... TENDER FORM   3.      SECTION IV………………………..SCOPE AND DESCRIPTION OF WORK   4.      SECTION V………………………   SPECIAL CONDITIONS   5.      SECTION VI……………………….BILL OF QUANTITIES ( ENVELOPE 2 )   6.      PRICE FORMAT ( ENVELOPE 2 )   7.      DEVIATION SHEET   8.      SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS       SECTION – I INVITATION TO TENDER   1.1. Sealed Tenders are invited by Air India Ltd., Santacruz (E), Mumbai – 400 029 for the subject work :-   ( i )     Date of submission of tender……………. 1430 hours of  26 July 2017 ( ii )    Date of tender opening : A)      Technical bid…….. ……..… 1500 hours of 26 July 2017 B)       Price bid…………….………1600 hours of  09 Aug 2017 Or on a later date as decided by AI after verification of technical bids. ( iii)    Estimated cost……………....……………… .Rs. 9,50,000/- ( iv )   Earnest money deposit……………………… Rs. 19,000/- ( v )    Completion period………12 weeks from the date of issue of works order 1.2.  Tenders shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of the tender. Copies of the tender document can be obtained from the office of Dy. General Manager, EFD after payment of Rs. 500/-  ( Rs. Five Hundred only ) in form of a DD favouring ‘AIR INDIA LIMITED’. The bidders who have downloaded tender documents from internet can submit the similar DD as per of Technical Bid.   1.3.  Tender is to be submitted to office of  :- Dy. General Manager - Engg., Engineering Facilities Division, Air India ltd., Old Airport, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400 029.   In 2 (two) envelopes, as under   Part I             Technical bid ( envelope marked – I ) Part II              Price bid ( envelope marked  - II ) Both parts shall be submitted in separate envelopes and shall be identified / marked clearly as technical bid & price bid   1.4. Part – I, Technical bid shall include Documents for Qualification, duly filled in, stamped and signed tender form providing the details of EMD, special conditions of contract, Technical Specifications, scope of work, deviation sheet etc.   1.5. Part- II, Price bid shall include only price quoted along with the bill of quantities as per schedules provided in BOQ and 'Price Format’. The quoted prices must be mentioned in the attached formats only. The taxation part and any other costs must be mentioned in 'Price Format' sheet.        1.6. Tech. Bid for Part-I will be opened on the same day. The Qualification Criteria will be verified and any technical clarifications, if required will be sought by Air India.   1.7. Price bid part – II, will be opened only when all technical clarifications have been sought.  The bidders will be intimated the date of price bid opening.   1.8. Tenderer shall submit all clarifications / confirmations, in sealed envelope to Dy. GM (EFD) as mentioned above within the specified time.   1.9. An authorized person, holding the power of attorney shall sign tenders.   1.10. Tenders shall be filled in English and all the erasures and altercations must be duly attested. Overwritten figures are not permitted.   1.11. The tenders shall be accompanied by the   i)            DD favouring ‘Air India Limited’ towards tender Fee for Rs. 500/- non refundable   ii)          DD favouring ‘Air India Limited’ towards for Rs. 19,000/- towards Earnest Money Deposit  - Refundable   iii)        For EMD, an irrevocable Bank Guarantee for Rs. 19,000/- and valid for 90 days from date of technical Bid Opening, will also be acceptable in place of DD.   1.12. Tenders not accompanied by EMD will not be considered for opening. Parties registered with National / State Small Industries Corporation Ltd. are exempted from payment of EMD. Parties interested in obtaining such exemption shall enclose the latest valid (not earlier than 3 years from date of issue of tender documents) certificate issued by the relevant small industries corporation, along with the technical bid   1.13. Earnest money of successful bidder will be adjusted in Security Deposit. Earnest money of unsuccessful bidder will be refunded within one month from the date of expiry of the validity. Earnest money will not bear any interest.   1.14. Air India reserves the right to accept the tender in full or part or reject any or all without assigning any reason.   1.15. Our ‘General Conditions of Contract’ are available for your perusal in our office.         ------------------------------------                            Dy.GM- Engg, EFD Air India Limited     SECTION II QUALIFYING CRITERIA   Please submit the relevant documents as part of Technical Bid – sealed envelope – 1   1. Details of company   Firm’s name Address Contact no. and email ID Contact person   2. PAN no.   3. GSTN no.   4. Details of similar works done in last 3 years   i)    One job of minimum Rs. 7.5 lakhs ii)   2 jobs of minimum Rs. 4.75 lakhs each iii ) 3 Jobs of Minimum Rs. 3.5 lakhs each   Please give address of client, Dates, value of work   5.            Whether the bidder is Authorized dealer of LED light fittings, name of manufacturer   6.            Details of Workshop, technical staff employed   7.            Copy of Contractor’s Electrical License   8.            Details of Test Instruments available   9.            Copies of last 3 years IT returns                       SECTION – III   TENDER FORM   AIR INDIA Ltd. Old Airport, Santacruz (E), MUMBAI 400 029   Sir,   Having carefully studied and understood the entire tender specifications prepared by you and annexed Engineering Drawings, we hereby submit our tender in duplicate for the following work : Supply, Replacement, Testing and Commissioning of 200 W LED Highbay  Industrial Light Fittings in PW 4056 Workshop, Engine O/H, OAP, Mumbai - 400029.   TENDER ENQUIRY NO. EFD / 09/ 07 / M / 2017 – 18  Dated  05 July 2017            We enclose a Demand Draft / Bank Guarantee for Rs.19,000/- duly certified form the Bank as good for payment towards Earnest Money Deposit.   Should this tender be accepted in whole or in part, we hereby agree to abide by all terms and conditions accepted, and in case of our failure to commence work as stipulated, the Earnest Money shall remain forfeited to AIR INDIA Ltd.   Our tender shall be valid for acceptance for a period of 90 days from date of Date of Technical  Bid  opening.   Enclosure details:   a. DD. No.                  drawn on                                   Bank, dated                       favouring  AIR INDIA LIMITED, payable at Mumbai.  OR   b. Bank Guarantee Ref. No.                      of                                        Bank, dated                    Signed ……………………………………   For..………………………………………..   Date……………………………………….     Page 1/ 3 SECTION – IV   1          SCOPE & DESCRIPTION OF WORK:    1.1.    Supply, replacement, testing and commissioning of 40 nos. Industrial type 200 W High bay LED COB Light fittings, as per attached specifications sheet. The Light fittings shall be suspended by an eye bolt mounted on structure steel sections of Steel roof at the height of approx 12 metres from ground level.  5 nos. of similar Light fittings shall be supplied, tested and repacked for instant replacement in future.    1.2.  All the existing SV / MV / MH lights ( Approx. 40 nos. ) will be disconnected and removed. Existing power cables, connector boxes etc. shall be reused for new LED light fittings.   1.3.   All cable terminations will have necessary Gland box, brass gland, check nuts, crimped type lugs etc.     1.4.    Clearing the site of any debris / waste after completion of the work and submission / handing over documents, forms the inherent part of work.   1.5   The installation of light fittings is at a height of approx. 12 metres. The contractor will have to arrange for safe access with ladders / scaffoldings. All workers will wear Personal Protective equipment like safety harness and helmets. The contractor will have to ensure that no damage is caused to existing items below lights. All welding / gas cutting work / Height Work at site will be done only after obtaining Daily Work          Permit and complying safe conditions thereof.   2.      CONTENTS OF TENDER   2.1.   Any tender found incomplete in terms of any of the foregoing shall be liable to rejection. 2.2.  The Tenderer must be able to complete the entire work as per the intent of technical specifications and scope of work as mentioned in Tender Documents. 2.2.   In the event of any contradictions between the General Terms of Contract and the above said, this document should supersede the General terms & Conditions.   3.      HANDING OVER DOCUMENTS ( 3 sets in folder )   3.1.   Catalogs and technical data sheet of light fittings    3.2.    Work completion Certificate and Warranty Certificate   3.3.   Contact details of personnel for maintenance / repair / warranty     SECTION - V   A.      SPECIAL CONDITIONS   1.         Site Conditions :   1.1. The site for this work is at Engine Dressing Area of PW 4056 Workshop, Engine O/H dept, Old airport and it a security sensitive area. The contractor will keep entry passes always valid and will employ safe practices at work. The Lights are to be installed at a height of minimum 12 Metres on steel roof structure.     1.2.  Interested bidders must visit the Site, study the tender documents, take the actual measurements and fully clarify to understand the exact work content and note the site conditions before quoting. This proposed work is to be done in existing working area, hence contractor must understand the site constraints.   1.3. A qualified and responsible supervisor will always remain present at site, when the work is being carried out. He will ensure compliance of standard safety precautions and use of safety equipments. The power supply to DSL of EOT cranes must be switched off, while working near the cranes area.   1.4. Any damage caused during the execution of work, will be made good by the contractor on his own cost, else the cost of damages will be recovered from the payment due to contractor.   1.5. Air India will provide adequate space for keeping the contract material, but it will be contractor’s responsibility to ensure its security. The contractor will maintain the site clean and remove all waste / loose / unwanted items regularly.   2.      Commercial Conditions   2.1.       The quoted rates must be inclusive of all costs towards labour, material, tools, equipment, instruments, access stands, lifting tackles, hardware, consumable, transport, insurance, taxes, duties, levies etc. whatever required to complete the proposed work.   2.2.  The ‘PRICE Format’ sheet of tender documents must be filled in properly and completely. The applicable taxes shall be clearly mentioned in the price bid. Only attached Air India formats will be used by bidders for filling in Bill of quantities and Commercial details.           2.3.       The payment will be made as per the joint measurement for the work actually completed at site and handed over to Air India. No payment will be admissible for any excess or wastage.   2.4.       The quantities mentioned in the BOQ are tentative and may vary depending on the site requirements. The contractor will not have any claim towards change in quantities. The contractor must take his own measurements before buying the material.   2.5.       Contractor will not do any extra work leading to any extra payment, without permission of EIC. Any change in design, layout, scheme, tech specifications etc. must be duly approved in advance.   2.6.       The contractor will take out and ensure the validity of Workmens’ compensation Insurance Policy for the workers deployed at site   2.7.       Upon issue of a Letter of Intent by Air India, the Contractor will execute a Contract Agreement ( As per Format provided by Air India ) on a Rs. 100/- Non judicial stamp paper. Standard deductions for Income tax and WCT will be applicable, from the due payment to contractor. Security deposit as 10% of contract value will be deducted from the first interim payment.    2.8.       The Defects Liability period will be one year from the date of completion of work. Air India will retain 10% of contract value as Security Deposit for this period. This security deposit can be in form of a Bank Guarantee of equal amount for one year period.   2.9.       Guarantee : The contractor will either replace the complete fitting or repair the defective fitting within 5 working days from the day of reporting  by Air India.  Such fittings will carry 6 months’s additional replacement guarantee. The defects include all kinds of defects noticed during one year Defects Liability Period.    2.10.   All interim and final bills will be submitted in 4 copies alongwith 2 copies of duly signed Joint Measurement sheet for the work done.   2.11.   Liquidated Damages – For non- completion of the work within the prescribed time, the contractor will be liable to pay the liquidated damages at a rate of 1.5% of the contract value for per week of delay subject to a maximum of 15% of contract value or the actual value of completed work. Extension of time will be considered by Air India, in case of the delay not owing to the contractor.   2.12 Payment terms : 70% on delivery of material at site and 30% on completion of work. Air India will make payment within 45 days from date of receiving the technically and commercially clear bill.       Checks List   Envelope 1 – Technical Bid   1.  Application and relevant documents for Qualification of Bidder   2.  DD for Rs. 500/- towards Tender fee favoring ‘ AIR INDIA LIMITED’   3.  DD for Rs. 19,000/- towards EMD favoring ‘AIR INDIA LIMITED’   4.  Tender Form and Deviation Sheet – duly filled, signed and stamped   5.   Scope of work, Layout drawing, Technical specifications, special conditions and commercial conditions – duly signed and stamped     Envelope 2 – Price Bid   1.   Schedule of rates ( Bill of Quantities ) – duly filled, signed and stamped with details of the responsible person.   2.  Price Format – duly filled, signed and stamped with details of the responsible person.     Both Envelopes shall be properly sealed and superscibed as   Envelope 1 – Technical Bid Envelope 2 – Price Bid Name of Work :  Tender Enquiry No. : Bidder’s name

LED 200W Tender.pdf

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