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Tenders :AIESL/WB/TH/2017/003Rev.No : 1 Posted Date : 15/MAR/17Due Date : 30/MAR/17

Tender For Engineering Services At Tel Aviv



Subject:RFQ/Tender no. AIESL/WB/TH/2017/003 dated 15-March-2017 — Validity of offer and Commencement of Services against subject tender


Dear All,

It is to clarify that:

     i.        the offers against subject tender must be valid for six months from the last date of submission of bids, against subject RFQ/ Tender.

    ii.        the dates indicated in the tender document are only tentative and firm date of commencement of services by the service provider will be informed at the time of signing of the contract.


Thanking you

B. P. Yelave

Sr. Asstt. General Manager- Engg



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