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This section deals with all technical requirements /procurement for various departments mainly Engineering Department, Ground Service deptt, DIT, Properties and Facility Division etc. Their scope of activity is taking care of procurement of spares and services for the equipment used in various departments. These iclude:
  • Transport spares such as tyres, tubes, batteries etc.
  • Capital items of Ground Support Equipment like tractors, Step ladders, Vehicles, X-ray machines and electrical equipment
  • Procurement of tools both general and special
  • Electrical accessories, electronic goods.
  • Spares for equipment
  • Servicing Contracts
  • Repair Jobs
  • Procurement of spares, tools and equipment from outstations
  • IT related products and services.
  • Address : Materials Management Department, Old Airport, Kalina Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400 029, India. Phone +91-22-26265555
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