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OBJECTIVES: Intensive sourcing through wider publicity / access to information

The beginning

The gamut of e-business covers not only e-commerce transactions, but also the use of technology to redefine old business models in order to maximize user value (be it external / internal).

With the relentless evolution of e-business technology and enhanced user experience, non-e-business models and organizational procedures are facing increased pressures.

AIRINDIA continuously requires different types of resources, in the form of Materials, Services etc to support the operations of the airline. The current fleet operated by AIRINDIA is as follows.

BOEING 747-400(7)
BOEING 747-200(3) (4)
BOEING 747-300 COMBI (2)
AIRBUS 310-300 (17)

Generally, the requirements of all departments are procured by the Materials Management Department situated at the Old Airport, Mumbai, India. There are occasions where department specific requirements are handled differently. However, all tender advertisements/Invitation for bids/Request for Proposals are made through the pages of the Corporate Web Site or the departmental website

It has always been our endeavour to enlist / elicit high participation from the trade and industry in our procurement process. One of the primary objectives of this exercise is to build a database of registered Vendors. This process of registration of vendors will obviate the need to undertake Vendor evaluation against each and every tender in which the same vendor may be an interested party.

This site provides information about the MM Department (hereinafter referred to as AIRINDIAMMD), its functionaries, activities and other relevant information. It provides for the Vendors to register themselves, initially as users of our site. Any visitor to this site may view general information.

The Materials Management Department, through this site, intends to provide an opportunity to interested parties to view information on what we buy, whom to contact, Tender Notices as well as download tender documents.

Parties interested in establishing business relations with AI MMD are required to register themselves initially as Users and thereafter as Vendors, in the second step. This registration is achieved by filling up our online registration form.

Anyone who has registered at the site, may, using a User ID and password, if he / she so wishes, register their business with us, by filling up the online Vendor Registration Form.

Any registered person or body corporate, using the registered User id may register more than one organization/body corporate/manufacturing Division/Subsidiary company/authorized agency in one or more categories of products or services, predefined by Air India. After necessary processing of the information provided by you, AIRINDIAMMD may ask for an opportunity to visit your establishment/office/manufacturing facility and / or any access to/verification of information provided by you. AIRINDIAMMD at its sole discretion will allot a vendor registration number to each and every approved vendor via email address provided by you in the vendor registration form.

The registration process is divided into TWO steps.

Step 1 Register yourself as a User by filling up the Online User Registration form. You will receive a confirmation of the user id and password selected by you, through the email address you provided while filling up the form. This confirmation also denotes your being approved as a Registered User. A Registered User is allowed access to the Vendor Registration process.

Step 2 Once you are confirmed as a Registered User, logon to our system using the approved user id and password, and fill up the online Vendor Registration form.

Address : Materials Management Department, Old Airport, Kalina Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400 029, India. Phone +91-22-26265555
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