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This Section deals with the procurement of items required for use on board. The InInflight Service material is categorised into the following two categories:

Consumable Items
Non-Consumable Items

Consumable Items:
  • Items of consumable nature such as hot drink cups, paper napkins, refuse bags, toileries, etc.
  • Food items like caviar, soft drinks, different types of sauce, cheese, biscuits etc.
  • Bar sale items such as liquor and cigarettes.
  • Newspaper and magazines.

    Non-Consumable Items:

    Non-Consumable items consist of major galley inserts such as meal/bar carts, standard units, Oven cages, refuse containers, carry cots etc. Items such as crockery, cutlery, linen items e tc., which are of reusable nature are also catrgorised as non-conumables

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